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Prosecco Shortage? Switch to English Sparkling Wine This Summer

Three Choirs Vineyard Classic Cuvee

We have all heard recent reports of the threat of a global Prosecco shortage caused by a poor harvest in Italy. But what does it mean to us English sparkling wine producers? Well what we hope to see is the gap between the price of English sparkling wine and Prosecco narrowing, persuading more of you try English fizz. Once you have tried English wine we are sure you will understand why it is more expensive.

Global warming means parts of England, that are similar to the Champagne region of France geologically, are now similar in terms of climate too. The South Coast, where our newest vineyard in Hampshire, is located has seen average temperatures climbing since the 1980s to almost a degree higher today, making it an idyllic spot for the temperature-sensitive world of viniculture. Our Gloucestershire vineyard, in the idyllic Cotswolds, provides a unique microclimate for growing a range of perfectly developed grapes, which are then carefully vinted with both scientific dedication to controlled circumstances and a master vintner’s eye to developing the fullest flavour.

Last year England’s wineries, including ourselves saw a bumper harvest. So much so that in Spring this year, and after 2 excellent harvests, we were able to reduce the price of our wine.

According to English Wine Producers, there are now 572 commercial vineyards in the UK producing a record 6.3 million bottles last year – a figure it expects to grow. In May 2015 Waitrose announced that their English wine sales have increased by 177%, and as stockists of Three Choirs Wines that’s a figure we love to hear about. Read more about the rise of English wine – it’s great to see so many of you buying ‘local’.

Our own English Sparkling wine, the Three Choirs Classic Cuvee n/v, is a traditionally-made sparkling wine of an exceptionally high quality. Dry and subtle it is very similar, but at a fraction of the price, to a good Champagne. So what are you waiting for? Switch to English Sparkling wine today.



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